The Tesco Youth Academy is part of Tesco’s commitment to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to start successful careers.

Globally we are responsible for the training and development of over 500,000 employees in 12 countries. Our employees work in a huge range of different jobs from apple buyers to app developers. This gives us a great insight into the skills that young people need to succeed in the workplace.

The Tesco Youth Academy will help young people develop key transferrable skills that will be valuable no matter what career they decide to pursue, such as teamwork, confidence, personal effectiveness, resilience, creative thinking and problem solving.  The programme has been developed with education experts to meet key learning aims for young people, and is based on the training Tesco delivers to its own employees.

Free workshop materials

Free resources are available for teachers and others working with young people to download.  These provide all of the materials you need to run fun and engaging workshops that will help young people understand key skills for life and work and identify how they can use these in their daily lives.

Online learning

Young people can complete interactive online activities that will introduce them to key concepts, give them the chance to test what they have learnt and encourage them to apply these skills in their own lives. 


Over time we will be introducing more resources for young people and teachers, and opportunities that will bring these skills to life.  Please let us know how you are using the Tesco Youth Academy programme and send us any feedback at


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