The Tesco Youth Academy programme will help to prepare students for the world of work by equipping them with key skills which will be useful whatever career they pursue.

The materials are free to use, and can be delivered as an entire programme over the course of a term or year, or as individual topics in one-off sessions. They include activities using true-to-life scenarios, and case studies that put the skills into context to show how they are used in the workplace. The materials are available at two levels: Level 1 (recommended for ages 14-17) and Level 2 (recommended for ages 18+).

The Tesco Youth Academy materials complement and enhance the teaching of careers, employability and enterprise curricula, and will help students progress towards successful careers.

To find out more about the materials available and how you can use them with your students, please download the guide below. You can also download certificates to recognise the training particpation and achievement of the young people you have delivered the Youth Academy progamme to.